Roméo Jr. Labonté

Full-Staff Engineer

Hey 👋

I’m a highly self-driven full-stack engineer and software architect who likes designing systems and creating pixel-perfect interfaces. I love making things move, look, and feel good.

Outside of work, you can often find me working on England in London, fiddling with my Neovim config, or unreasonably grinding all achievements in some games.

● Currently available!
PDF Resume available here

Engineering Manager·AlleyCorp Nord

08/2022 -> 05/2023

Led a dynamic 5-person team of developers and designers, collaborating closely with senior developers to architect and implement a product MVP using an event-driven approach. We also maintained a pre-existing legacy application and I provided mentorship to junior and intermediate developers. From team management to hands-on development, handled anything and everything in between.

TypeScript (React)PythonPostgreSQLGitHub ActionsAWS

Software Architect·LANDR Audio

09/2020 -> 08/2022

I designed systems on both macro and micro scale, documented tech insights, and executed due diligence for acquisitions and third-party integrations. I crafted proof of concepts to validate assumptions and conducted code reviews for quality assurance. On the engineering management front, I played a key role in recruitment and hiring, conducted yearly reviews, and engaged in regular 1-on-1s. I was able to translate complex business strategies for developers and simplifying intricate software development practices for higher management and stakeholders. I also collaborated with third-parties as a point of contact.

TypeScript (React)C# (.NET Core)GraphQL (Apollo)MySQLGitHub ActionsAWS

Technical Lead, Development Manager·CREO

10/2019 -> 03/2020

I specialized in crafting maintainable codebases, contributing to project evaluations, and modernizing development practices and tooling. I also designed and implemented internal networking, storage, and backup solutions while translating complex software development practices for higher management and clients. For the project management side, I conducted thorough code reviews, provided mentorship to junior developers and interns, and ensured the future-proofing of codebases. My role extended to implementing agile practices, contributing to recruitment and hiring, and producing detailed technical documentation.

TypeScript (Phaser)C# (Unity)

Technical Lead·Jogogo 🪦

05/2018 -> 09/2019

I owned the design and maintenance of React design systems, microservices and GraphQL schemas ensuring scalability during platform growth. I also planned sprints with Product Owners, conducted code reviews, and mentored junior devs. I actively contributed to recruitment, hiring, and produced tech docs for smooth collaboration with internal and external clients such as Dejardins and Decathlon.

JavaScript (React, Node.js)TypeScript (React)RustGraphQL (Apollo)PostgreSQLCircleCIAWS

Senior Full-Stack Developer·r42 communication 🪦

02/2012 -> 05/2018

I designed and implemented diverse applications for external clients, providing training to ensure their seamless usage. Embracing emerging web technologies, I kept applications ahead of the curve. I defined development practices, played a crucial role in recruitment and hiring, and authored comprehensive technical documentation.

JavaScript (React, Node.js)C# (ASP.NET)MSSQLGitLab CIOn-prem Infrastructure


07/2022 -> NOW

Two rock-’n-rolling dudes, on the verge of losing all hope for humankind, set out on a quest to make the ultimate video game after being bombarded with a series of unfortunate events. Currently working on releasing England in London in 2024.

GDScript/C++ (Godot)C# (Unity)TypeScript (React)GitHub ActionsDigitalOcean

Co-founder·q-bit Games 🪦

02/2013 -> 08/2022

Two-person indie game studio which I co-founded, and ran solo from around 2018 until its eventual demise. Released two games for PC (one on Steam), and one on the Nintendo Switch.

AS3 (Flixel)Haxe (HaxeFlixel)C# (Unity)JavaScript (React, Node.js)MySQLDigitalOcean